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Cool Websites and Tools

PischaPass – A truly random password is the toughest one to hack. This is precisely why there are a lot of password generating tools that generate a random password for you. Amongst these tools is an app called PicshaPass – an Android app that generates random passwords in a unique way. The app generates random passwords by using SHA-256 hashes of images shot from your phone’s camera. Read more: PicshaPass: Generate Random Passwords Through Pictures Shot From Your Android
FriendsToGmail – There are plenty of reasons why you would want to see information about your Facebook friends on Google. Whatever your reason, Friends To Gmail is a neat little tool that helps you import information about all your Facebook friends to your Google Contacts. It does so by allowing you to download an organized CSV file.Read more: FriendsToGmail: Easily Import Facebook Contacts To Gmail

GTrot – Travel sites may have lots of information about your destination city, but nobody can give you better travel advice then your friends. GTrot gives your travel a social touch by scanning your Facebook account for friends that either live in your destination city or have been to that city recently. This allows one to receive first hand tips. Read more: GTrot: Get Travel Advice From Friends on Facebook

CSS-Text-Shadow – Many graphics designers today find themselves working with CSS text. While coding up CSS text effects can be a time-consuming process, thankfully there are web tools that make the designer’s job much easier. One such tool is CSS Text Shadow – a site that generates the CSS code for various text shadow styles. You can select a font family and the shadow type. The preview of the text is shown on the same page. Read more: CSS-Text-Shadow: Get The CSS Code For Various Text Shadows

BabyNameMo – Parents put in a lot of time and thought into naming their children. Thanks to the Internet, you can now compare names using a wide variety of factors. Here to help you analyze and determine the popularity of certain names is a web tool called BabyNameMo, a free to use web service that analyzes the name you provide it. Read more: BabyNameMo: Get Help Naming Your Children By Analyzing The Name

5 Tips and tricks for the pre-event problem Solving

You for months that everything runs smoothly for your event. They are in regular contact with speakers, you have to work with the cooking for many years and we know they are reliable and the guest list has far exceeded their expectations. So what could possibly go wrong? Even the most experienced event organizers have faced problems encountered during an event. But there are ways to circumvent the problems of planning in advance. 
1 Review your event with someone not involved
There is always a good idea to plan your event and someone completely removed from your event to be monitored. A new pair of eyes can do a lot of good, because this person can do something that you do not notice. As the coordinator of the event, trying to manipulate a large part of the event moving parts, so someone who knows nothing of it, maybe find a new idea that you never thought, and might even improve your event. 

2 Schedule a walk-through for a few weeks before the eventSit down with everyone (colleagues, suppliers, etc.), who worked with you to plan the event, and go through the day's activities. In reviewing the day's program (s) "events, brainstorm a list of everything that could go wrong. Make up scenarios of problems that arise, and that might solve the first time. If any of these questions come to fruition Finally, you will be happy to have a plan for the solution they have created. 
3 Be Generous and Think MORE, Not LessThere will always be people to show up for your event fails, even though they said it would. But for every person who does not appear, there may be two other people to do the show (even though they said they would). Plan accordingly when you consider that many people decide at the last minute to hear about an event you can go for months total. When ordering food, gifts, chairs and other accommodation for longer than you think necessary. Maybe you spend a few dollars more, but you prefer to have more than enough to ensure that all your subscribers happy and the event runs smoothly. 
4 Twitter to monitor any problems or complaintsDuring the conference, tweets dear presentation and content. Unfortunately, even the love Twitter, their complaints at the event, food, or the speakers' presentations. By following these tweets during the event, you can potentially eliminate any significant problems on the spot. Determine a hash tag for your event and monitor the flow of tweets as a way to keep track of all the problems that arise to maintain. Resolved through the immediate problems that occur, you can save on your event even bigger problems that could escalate and negatively on the success of your event as a whole. 
5 The event will be annual, participate in surveys and use feedbackYou can have a lot of creative and innovative as part of your planned event, but participants will always prefer some event will offer over others. For example, they can have more time, you want to network and meet the speakers, or perhaps would have preferred a different location. Participants in the survey and their feedback to plan future events not only encourage people to return to the future, but will cause a positive feedback about the event.What do you do for problems that may arise during the preparation for an event?

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Change Hard-to-Find Ubuntu Settings Easily With Ubuntu Tweak [Linux]

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Ubuntu Software Center by now. Ubuntu Tweak also aims to make installing software a bit easier.
So what’s the difference with Ubuntu Tweak’s software center? Well, only popular software titles are listed. Browse and you’ll quickly find that there is no filler here:

Check any software you want to install; uncheck anything you want to uninstall. Then click the “Apply” button at the bottom-right to make the changes happen.
Then check out the “Package Cleaner“. Various buttons to the right of this interface let you scan your computer for excess files. You can then delete these files by clicking “Cleanup“, though you may need to click “Unlock” before you can do so.

This is similar to BleachBit, a CCleaner alternative for Linux.
It’s also possible to run updates from within Ubuntu Tweak, and to turn off the default Ubuntu update manager from running automatically (some find this annoying).
You’ll find today, as was true in 2008, a variety of tweaking options. For example, do you miss having a recycling bin or computer icon on your desktop? There’s a panel for that:

You can not only re-add icons but also name them whatever you want. You can even have the entire home folder on your desktop, if you want.
Do you want to change how the login screen looks? There’s a panel for that too:

Do you want to change what programs open certain file types by default?

You get the idea: there’s a lot this application can do, so explore to find it all out.
Want to change how your desktop’s 3D settings work? Click the ‘Compiz Settings” button and you’ll have a few options:

Mac users will recognize the “Corners” functionality. Play with it to learn how it works.
There is, unfortunately, very little Unity-specific elements to this. I’m sure this will grow with time, however.
Installing Ubuntu Tweak is simple. Just head to the Ubuntu Tweak home page and click the “Download Now!” button. You’ll have a .deb file; open it and the Ubuntu Software Center will take care of the installation process for you.
Do you like having easy access to these settings? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share any other Ubuntu tips and tricks.

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