Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Best Blog Software

WordPress is easy to use, full of professional, expandable features and hosted for you. If you have development skills and look to build your own blog from the ground up, see our sub-category of reviews of advanced, self-hosted blog software

TypePad rightfully shares the top spot with the WordPress juggernaut – rolling out a beautiful, easy-to-use blog software program that can be easily adapted to multiple authors and multiple journals. The remote posting, comprehensive tracking statistics and expandable accounts make this program a joy to work with, whatever your blogging needs.

Squarespace is an excellent option for a beginning, non-technical blogger who wants to create a slick, beautiful-looking blog with reliable hosting infrastructure. Even though it costs more than free blog software, the appearance, features, support and hosting options are well worth the money. Squarespace is the full blog software-that-isn’t-really-software package.

LiveJournal is a creative and dynamic blog software program that is always growing bigger and adding more features, but remains essentially the same: a service that encourages community and creativity. If you want a blog to show off your artwork, reminisce about The Smiths in a related community, and blog your life, LJ is for you.

Blogger is not only the best of the totally free blog software programs, it ranks up there with other paid programs we reviewed here. It is full of features and functions like a champ for the beginning blogger.

Xanga has many social networking aspects but doesn’t display sexual material on their home page so it is a good choice for most bloggers. Ho
wever, this site is more for personal journals or blogging, rather than business blogs. If you need a business blog see TypePad or WordPress.

Open Salon
Open Salon has a built-in audience and a curated cover page but not much more in the way of features. If you are a writer looking for an automatic audience to appreciate your musings in an unfussy,  uncomplicated interface Open Salon might be just for you. But it's also free and there's no pressure to buy anything so if you join and decide you don't like it, it's just as easy to unjoin.

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